Be a Marketing Hero

Welcome to Allium Research and Analytics, a marketing research and analytics consulting firm, where we make heroes out of marketing consultants and agencies.

If you’re a marketing consultant or marketing/advertising agency, you can become a hero too by maximizing the returns your clients get on their marketing investments.

Whether it be information from a market research study, or that acquired through social media/web analytics, you can deliver the innovative tools that make your clients want to retain you as their consultant or agency.  Tools that successfully resolve your clients’ steepest marketing and business challenges by gathering insights discovered through our market research and web/social media analytics solutions.

Some client challenges we’ve worked with consultants and agencies to resolve:

  • How do we attract new customers?
  • How can we foster a sense of customer loyalty to our business?
  • Will consumers buy our new product?
  • What price will businesses pay for our new service?
  • What is the best way to position a new product line extension?
  • Which landing page is maximizing conversions for our new target market?
  • Our segment is narrow – how can we learn more to better target these individuals?
  • Which design for our logo will best project our desired brand image?

Deliver valuable client insights.  Answer high-gain questions.  Understand customer behavior.

Achieve your clients’ business objectives by leveraging the knowledge
gained through our innovative yet proven real-world methodologies and techniques.  Always customized to meet the unique needs of you and your clients.

Contact us. Your clients will think you’re a superhero.

Allium Research and Analytics
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