3 Timely Tips for Marketing Consultants and Agencies, Part I

Posted by Joy Levin - May 8, 2012 - Consulting Help - 1 Comment

Best laptops, winning more clients, and making tax time easier

Today we begin a series of posts that brings you great tips for your marketing or advertising agency or firm:

Best laptops:  A post on lifehacker presents a valuable laptop buying guide – some key points to consider before making this investment.   Even tech veterans will probably find some of the points helpful due to changes in technology that have occurred since their last laptop investment, and because there are so many key points to remember.  If you’re in the market for a laptop (or considering one for an upcoming Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/graduation gift), consider printing out this link to take along with you while shopping.

Winning more clients: An investment firm attributes their corporate kitchen’s more relaxing atmosphere (as opposed to a boardroom) to annual sales increases of 30% during the past few years.  The firm’s kitchen also provided other benefits to both clients and employees, finding that it greatly enhanced both internal and external communications.  While such a space may only be accessible to agencies and firms of a certain size, even sole proprietorships can use commercial kitchens to capitalize on some of these benefits.  For example, here is an example of a commercial kitchen in the New York area, and here is one in Chicago.

Making tax time easier:  The digital age has given service providers the ability to electronically scan receipts.  However, there are IRS rules and procedures for using an electronic storage system and this blog entry points you in the direction of guidelines to follow, as well as some organizational ideas. Start planning and implementing now to make the next quarterly and annual filings easier.

If you have other ideas regarding laptops, creative ways of winning clients, and cutting down on tax work, leave them below!

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