Become A Marketing Hero, Part 1:

Posted by Joy Levin - August 3, 2011 - Market Research - 7 Comments

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Clients love it when marketing consultants and agencies can show them what really matters to their customers, how they can foster create a stronger sense of customer loyalty, and how they can prevent the loss of their customers to the competition.

This is a great opportunity for you to deliver some great marketing solutions that are targeted specifically to the needs of your client. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ask just five to ten of your client’s customers to sit down to talk about what it’s like to use or purchase from your client.  What do they like best?  How are they different from the competition?  In what areas could they improve?  What would make them never want to leave?
  2. Approach five to ten of your client’s former customers.  Why did they leave? From whom are they buying now?  How is their current experience better, or worse than when they worked with or purchased from your client?
  3. At this point, you should have some theories about some key drivers of customer satisfaction as well as some actions your client is taking that may be serving as a deterrent to loyalty. You’ll now want to quantitatively survey customers and former customers to find out which theories prove out and which are most prevalent.
  4. Gather the data and present your findings to your client, with solid recommendations.  What is making their customers be enthusiastic promoters?  What makes others neutral about the product or service? What practices are hampering customer satisfaction?  What should your client do next to create more happiness and less churn?
  5. Conduct follow-up surveys on a regular basis – whatever makes sense for your client (e.g., monthly, annually, every other year, etc.).  Times change, and they can’t expect today’s happy customer to have the same expectations down the road.

In many cases, your client will need to make slight adjustments to their strategy or execution of some tactics.  These changes can make huge differences though, in customer perceptions.

The investment in the research can have an almost immediate payoff in improved loyalty, and the bottom line.  Not only will your customers be happy, but so will your client.


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