Timely Tips for Marketing Consultants and Agencies: Early Summer Edition

Posted by Joy Levin - June 5, 2012 - Consulting Help - No Comments

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Cyberattack Protection, Appropriate Insurance Coverage, and Managing the End of the School Year

Here are our latest tips for agencies and consultants as they prepare for the summer:

Cyberattack Protection: Nobody wants to think of getting hacked, but we’re all at risk.  Are you coming up with really effective passwords?  Do you have a policy about connecting to internal networks via mobile devices?  What dangerous secrets are you giving away by making common mistakes with social media?  How are your cyber practices not only exposing you, but also your clients to risk?  Here is more information on how you can better protect yourself and your clients.

Making Sure You’re Covered: What additional insurance do you really need? Are you covered by existing policies?  Get the lowdown here.  For additional advice, look to your local Chamber of Commerce, which frequently has insurance agents as members that are truly interested in working with and helping small-medium sized businesses.

School’s Out: But you’re not.  Parents who own agencies and consultancies begin having nightmares about the summer months right after spring break ends.  Not only do they have to worry about how they can maintain their workflow when kids are out of school, but also manage the guilt that often comes with spending time away from kids who are asking for their attention.  Here is a helpful article that illustrates how some parents have successfully managed summers for their kids while still maintaining their businesses and client needs.

Do you have a success story about warding off cyberattacks, making sure you’ve got the right insurance coverage, and managing the stress that can come with the end of the school year?  Let us know below!

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